If you know what you’re looking for, go for it!

We believe in a direct recruitment approach. By immediately sourcing the right people you don't waste valuable time and you can influence the quality and quantity of your target group directly.

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Our skills

We have modern sourcing, engagement and selection skills. We invest in the development of these competencies and we are continuously looking for improvements on a daily basis.

Our knowledge

We focus on a limited number of industries that are of genuine interest to us. As a result, we have built up a great deal of in-depth knowledge about these sectors.

Our empathy

Although we always use the latest technological innovations, we especially believe in the personal touch. Ultimately, our personal attention gives us the best insight into the drivers of the candidate.



    • Searching your candidate(s)...100%

When we take on an assignment, we do so for 100%. Our fully transparent process,gives you complete insight so that you can monitor progress and track success.

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