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Our Purpose

We recruit highly educated professionals and managers for a wide range of key-positions in consulting, IT and Digital Transformation. We can make an important contribution to companies with a clear growth strategy. Whether there is a need for graduates, mid-level employees or seniors, we serve our clients with the latest technology-driven recruitment services.

Knowing that people tend to think based on facts, but decide based on emotion, we always start with the end in mind. Our tech-savvy sourcing team is able to track and engage a high-quality target group of candidates very quickly. This quality and quantity boost in the beginning of the recruiting process, enables us to achieve the best possible candidate selection. It allows us to set the course for the best hires immediately.

Our drive

We want to be your navigator on the journey to your goal. We don't just want to take part, we want to keep up and support you in the hunt for your growth ambition. That is why we serve our clients and candidates during a ‘short sprint’ as well as during the ‘long run’. You are at the helm and we will navigate you to the best futureproof matches. Allow us to be part of your dream!

Bart Tukkers

Senior Consultant/Founding Partner

+31 (0)6 194 991 01

Bart is a seasoned consultant in the labor market for Consultancy & IT roles. He gained his main expertise at Brunel, YACHT, KPN and Accenture.

Jan Wilkens

Senior Consultant/Associate Partner

+31 (0)6 148 339 66

Jan is a seasoned consultant in the labor market for Consultancy and Management roles. He gained his main expertise at Randstad, YER, Maandag® and YACHT.

Recruitment & Research Team

This tech-savvy team is the backbone of our daily recruitment operation. Our recruitment consultants have a keen eye for talent and always apply the latest recruitment technology. Our recruitment consultants are specialized is mapping, sourcing and engaging the best candidates in the market. They act throughout Europe, but are also familiar with recruiting worldwide.

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