Search & Selection

Our Search & Selection Service is somewhat similar to our Executive Search Service. The use of our sourcing power is the first stage in the process for both, but the broader focus on knowledge and skills of candidates makes Search & Selection Service easier to scale.

It is used for recruiting new employees for operational and tactical positions from junior to senior levels. A thorough selection on professional knowledge and experience, and a good pace of the recruitment process are often of extra important for these

vacancies. Our tech-savvy recruitment team knows exactly how to quickly reach out to large groups of specific candidates like no other. The Inhouse Select Search & Selection service is also often requirement for clients with a continuous demand for new talent.

Executive Search

We are an executive search agency by nature. We do not advertise because candidate sourcing is at the core of our services. We always prefer to hunt for the best people for your vacancy right away.

In our Executive Search approach, we deep-dive into the softer aspects of the desired profile and critical success factors. This service is designed for senior positions for which support and acceptance within the future team determine the success. For Executive Search assignments, we are

particularly aware of sensitivities within the market. After mapping the market for potential candidates in “stealth mode” and a delicate approach, we reveal our clients to a small group of pre-selected and sincerely interested candidates. At this level we ensure an excellent candidate journey.

Graduate Recruitment

Hiring “fresh” graduates for your junior positions can be time consuming. Selecting the right one is often a big hassle as well, because most of the time there is not much content in their resumes.

At Inhouse Select we know this market segment asks for a specific approach. Our Grad’s Recruitment Team is purely focused on contacting, connecting and engaging with these young professionals in an early stage. In order to be top of mind this often means contacting

students during the final year of their education. Our Grad’s Recruitment Team will bring a flow into your graduate and internship recruitment. We are happy to serve you in finding your future talent and of course we can share our track record on this matter.

Recruitment Advisory

Inhouse Select has been an important player in the area of sourcing and selection of higher educated people for more than ten years. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

How is the market developing? Which new technologies and tools are unfolding? What does work and what doesn't? In short: with our experience we like to be "ahead of the wave". We can help you with matters such as succession planning,

market mapping, career counselling and diversity policy. Feel free to contact us without any obligation. We would be happy to advise you on your recruitment strategy in order to help you realize your goals.

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