Types of industries

Although we are a Dutch company by origin, we serve organizations throughout Europe and Asia. We concentrate on the following industries: Digital Consulting, Finance & Legal, Engineering & Energy, Business Consulting, E-commerce

As a sourcing-based search and selection company, we specialise in creating networks and finding spot-on specialists across several industries. Previously, we primarily served clients in consultancy and digital transformation. Today, we also have a proven track record in the sustainable & renewable

 energy market, the finance and legal industries and the food and life science markets. Our integrated approach ensures we understand our clients' businesses and the various roles within them, enabling us to achieve the best matches.

Types of vacancies

We cover key roles from functional and technical to commercial, business architects to implementation managers, operational to strategy consultants, accountants, finance managers, engineers and sustainable energy consultants and specialists. We deliver from C-level to junior employees.

We can handle this wide range of functions because we focus on clients in a limited group of industries and we know these sectors inside out. In addition, we build long term relationships and we try to remain a relevant business partner throughout professional careers and the

development of organizations. In our search for talent, we do not limit ourselves to the Benelux or European labor markets. With our international recruitment team, we reach out to people all over the world when necessary.

These are some clients that already decided to team up...